Varied elegant short dresses

Varied elegant short dresses 197x300 Varied elegant short dressesWomen die for dresses whether short or long, casual or party, but the truth is that not love. But a short dress always attracts more looks because they tend to be more sensual and attractive, is more the attributes and therefore looks very sexy.

We found several models of short dresses very modern designs, cheerful and youthful, the colors that we love, are perfect for those parties where we want to take all eyes and for no reason go unnoticed. So if you are looking for a nice dress or a gown looking perfect, they can be your options, do not miss them girls.

White bikinis Summer Collection 2013

Choosing the right bikini according to the characteristics of our body is certainly one of the most difficult tasks. White bikinis offers us in his collection for summer 2013 are varied both its form and its prints and colors. So we show’s catalog White bikinis for summer 2013.

bikinis Summer 211x300 White bikinis Summer Collection 2013
The variety of bikinis that market fashion world offers is extensive but the most difficult task is to choose the one that best suits our silhouette and White knows, that offers bikinis that fit for those girls who have bust large and for which no. The same goes for the bottom. So really that White delights us with a variety of bikinis in their catalog for summer 2013.

White always offers the latest in trend, so playing with the colors and proposes bikinis in one color but with bright colors: coral, vede, blue and fuchsia, among others. Also the patterns vary, the animal print is super colorful   the great proposal of the brand and combines the colors in a spectacular way. The ethnic print is trend for summer 2013 and the brand it proposes in its new catalog 2013. The prints florados to betting White Bikinis in their collection of summer 2013 are so delicate that adorarías use one of them. Also conform to the trends for summer 2013. There are plenty of bikinis and bikinis fabric striped in both fine and coarse white collection for summer 2013.

Furthermore also the details that White proposed in their bikinis for summer 2013 are the large and small ruffles and fringe are trend for summer 2013.

Skirts Fall 2013

The skirt is undoubtedly a garment that helps highlight female sensuality. If we think of a skirt, probably the first image that pops into your head is a micro skirt, but not necessarily to be sexy I wear a short skirt, long skirts also have their charm. A skirt, for example, to the knee glued styling and shows you in all its splendor, your figure, accentuating your waist and wearing your hips.
As you may know, the retro-vintage style is fashionable and skirts typical of the 20′s have come back strong. I love them because you can wear short tops and wide straps, which achieves a visual effect that makes your waist look much smaller. If you also combine your outfit with a pair of heeled shoes, believe me you’ll look spectacular.

Skirts Fall 2013 3 300x245 Skirts Fall 2013Skirts Fall 2013 2 300x218 Skirts Fall 2013  Skirts Fall 2013 1 300x287 Skirts Fall 2013

Skirts Fall 2013 300x208 Skirts Fall 2013

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